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Dennis D Grant, Ph.DDennis D. Grant, Ph.D, is the founding pastor of A Place of Restoration, a nondenominational church in Margate, Fla., known for its outreach to those in distress and dire need. He also is the founder and executive director of the Juvenile Restoration Council, a crisis-intervention and comprehensive counseling program for at-risk youth and their fractured families.

A self-assigned first responder, Dr. Grant has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally as a prominent advocate for immigrants’ rights; fairness in the criminal-justice and judicial systems; HIV/AIDS and health-care policies; public education; affordable housing; political empowerment for the disfranchised; and economic development of marginalized communities.

"I believe we must help each other, and I also believe we must help ourselves. In both cases, though, what helps most is having the right information," says the credentialed Christian counselor.

Dr. Grant's longstanding record of community activism in these areas has made him a sought-after reference point in governmental, media, institutional and policy-making circles. He has been featured on major television networks and news publications, including CNN, CBS, ABC, FOX News Channel, NBC, Larry King Live, the Montel Williams Show, TBN, Time magazine, USA Today, and a host of local and regional newspapers.

In the faith community, Dr. Grant, president of the Pastors Guild of America, is highly regarded as a forward-thinking leader who continues to exhort the church community to make their institutions beacons of hope in beleaguered neighborhoods.

Academically and professionally credentialed in Christian counseling, Dr. Grant has been helping individuals and families through tough decisions and challenges for almost two decades. Staying on Top of Credit, Lasting Romance and The Missing Link, three books he has authored, extend the self-help and information-is-power themes that are his anthem.

Dr. Grant hosts and executive-produces two radio shows - "Solutions," about practical approaches to life and business, and, as the popular "Love Doc," "The Love Hour," on relationships, marriage and family life.

Dr. Grant and his wife, Yvonne Henry Grant, have been married for more than 20 years. They have seven children and 12 grandchildren.

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